KISS2015: Picturing Sound Sounding the Picture, Bozeman, Montana

Kyma: Creative environment for musical interface design Creation of musical instrument/controller with Kyma’s inspirational environment. Monome and Soundplane act as input/display devices for the projects. The presentation includes three main topics: the concept of instrument design, bi-directional OSC to communicate between the Monome and Kyma, and synthesis of sound. August 10th, 2015

Duet for Piano and Electroacoustic sounds

This piece explores the acoustic sound of the piano and the electroacoustic sounds which expends the sonority of the piano.  By recreating the musical element from the piano through sound synthesis and signal processing, this composition suggests other possibilities for the acoustics in music. This piece was  first performed at Haedam concert hall in Daegu on […]

KL “Retrovolution”

The Open Music, iTunes, 2011 All music composed, programmed and produced by Kiyoung Lee CD1: Audio CD (Stereo) CD2: DTS Music Disc (Surround DTS-ES, 6 speaker configuration) 01_retrovolution 02_iridescentWave 03_LIME 04_iIIIx_v02 05_transmoGyro [03_ LIME] [05_ transmoGyro]